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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy Towel Day!

Do you know where your towel is?

May 25th is Towel Day, a celebration of the author Douglas Adams. Fans carry a towel around to symbolize their love for the author and his works. Though best known for his book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as well as it’s sequels, Adams also wrote for the screen. He served as script editor on the science-fiction show Doctor Who and wrote the serials "The Pirate Planet" and "City of Death." Adams wrote and designed the computer games Bureaucracy and Starship Titanic. Adams had a close relationship with members of the British comedy group Monty Python. A few Python members even lent their voices to Starship Titanic!

But why towels? According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it’s essential that a hitchhiker carry a towel with him, due to its useful nature. You could dry off with a towel, use it as a blanket, carry things with it, and so on. Likewise, if a hitchhiker has a towel, then others will naturally assume the hitchhiker has other necessities on him and will happily lend the hitchhiker whatever he “accidentally lost.”

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Marshall County Goes Bookish with LSTA Funds

Potts Camp Public Library
The Marshall County Library System, headquartered in Holly Springs, used LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) grant funds to purchase new fiction books for their two rural branch libraries. Citizens in the communities of Potts Camp and Byhalia rely heavily on their local public libraries to provide many services, just one of which is offering new and popular fiction books. Due to the reductions in both state and federal funding, the library system has had to drastically cut its book and materials budget in order not to reduce library hours or eliminate staff. Without this grant, these two branches would not be able to offer the latest titles on the bestseller lists that their patrons find so popular. A variety of books were purchased which appeal to many readers, juvenile to adult.
Byhalia Public Library

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Camp Kudzu: Buildings of a Better World

Camp Kudzu is back this summer, contemplating this year's Summer Library Program theme, Build a Better World. Mississippi boasts a slew of fine architectural sites, so MLC staff "visited" some of the more fascinating buildings in Jackson on a whirlwind tour.

Oohs and aahs at the Greyhound Bus Station
The Greyhound Bus Station in Jackson was designed by William Strudwick Arrasmith in the Art Moderne style and built around 1938. (1) In 1961, the station was the site of arrests of Freedom Riders, who had ridden buses to Jackson to bring attention to the fact that Supreme Court ruling in Boynton v. Virginia was being ignored and that segregation on interstate transportation was still occurring. (2) The bus station is a site on the Mississippi Freedom Trail. You can read more about the Freedom Riders here and here.

Look up in the sky! What's that above Miss Eudora's house?

We've written about the Eudora Welty House and Garden before. This Tudor Revival style home was designed by Wyatt C. Hedrick and completed in 1925. (3) It is a National Historic Landmark and sits across the street from historic Belhaven University. Pulitzer prize winning author Eudora Welty lived here from the age of 16 until her death at age 92. The home and garden are open to the public; check here for information about planning a visit.

Caution: The Mississippi State Capitol may
cause you to inadvertently give someone bunny ears.

This building, commonly referred to as the "New" Mississippi State Capitol, was designed by Theodore Link and completed in 1903. (4) (The "Old" State Capitol served in that capacity from 1833 to 1903. See? Much older!) It is in the Beaux-Arts style and was designated as a National Historic Landmark just last year.

If we've ignited a desire to learn more about buildings and Mississippi architecture, head to your local public library for books like The Architecture of William Nichols: Building the Antebellum South in North Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi and Lost Mansions of Mississippi. Want to inspire your youngster with amazing buildings? Try Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building and Round Buildings, Square Buildings, and Buildings that Wiggle Like a Fish.

Registration for the summer library program is in full swing in public libraries across Mississippi, so be sure to head to your local library to sign up. Until our next Camp Kudzu installment, happy reading!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Stories from the Road: Pearl River County

I have such great memories of Hwy 49! My family hails from Covington County, so I have memories of that trip for more years than I care to admit. Some of the best, though, were of trips to the Gulf Coast for family vacations. That road and I go way back.

When Library Consultant Mac Buntin asked me to travel with him to visit Pearl River County Library System, I just couldn't resist a trip down memory lane. Stopping at Shady Acres is worth the trip, not to mention getting a king cake at Paul's Pastry Shop.

The library in Picayune was filled with patrons and bustling with activity. Their Friends Chapter was planning a "Murder Mystery Theater" fundraiser for the following night, so there were many preparations going on for the event.

After a great visit at headquarters in Picayune, we headed to the Poplarville Library (not before a stop at Paul's!) to hear all about their upcoming Summer Library Program. Let's just say that anytime a magician is involved, I'm in! Those kids have a fun summer ahead.

This library is incredibly inviting, and thanks to Branch Manager Denise Davis, it smelled divine because of her love for essential oils. It's a lovely space and you can tell that those who work there love the library.

If you find yourself heading south, stop by one of these great libraries for a visit. They are wonderful folks and will welcome you with open arms.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mississippi Museum Musts

It's International Museum Day! This day celebrates the fact that "museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples." What better day to mark off the Visit a Museum square on your Bicentennial Bingo card?

With its unique melting pot of peoples, cultures, and heritage, Mississippi has a number of fascinating and fun museum experiences to offer. Here are just a few tantalizing museum visits waiting for you:
  • Winterville Mounds is a prehistoric ceremonial center of over twenty mounds located near Greenville. This site and museum is a must-see for those interested in the indigenous peoples of Mississippi.
  • The Eudora Welty House in Jackson is where the famed author lived the majority of her life. The garden, created by Welty's mother Chestina and tended to by both women, is also available for viewing.
  • The Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs holds not only Walter Inglis Anderson's art, but also work by his two brothers Peter Anderson and James McConnell Anderson. There's even a portion of Anderson's cottage on the Mississippi coast, where he went to get away when he couldn't make the trip to Horn Island.
  • The Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center is located in Jackson's first school for African American children. Renowned author Richard Wright's first short story was published while he was a student here in the 1920s. Visit the museum for exhibits on the African American experience, especially as relates to Mississippi.
  • The African American Military History Museum in Hattiesburg is housed in the only remaining USO building built for African American soldiers. African Americans have fought in every war since our country's beginning and the AAMHM honors them all.
  • The Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson is Mississippi's largest museum. In 2010, it received the IMLS National Medal for Museum and Library Services, the nation’s highest honor for museum and library service to the community. Housing pieces from a multitude of artists, the museum also hosts traveling exhibits across Mississippi for the benefit of those who cannot travel to Jackson. An Art Across Mississippi exhibit is currently showing at the McComb Public Library.
  • The Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale is Mississippi's oldest music museum and a 2013 recipient of the IMLS National Medal for Museum and Library Services. On your visit, check out items like Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker's guitars, among many, many more blues memorabilia items.
  • The Mississippi Children's Museum in Jackson is an innovative discovery and exploration museum for kids. Exhibits focus on literacy, health and nutrition, culture and history, and STEM topics. It is a finalist for 2017's IMLS National Medal for Museum and Library Services.
  • The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport received the IMLS National Medal for Museum and Library Services in 2016. Visit the center for interactive, hands-on fun with your children.
  • In December, the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum will open to the public in Jackson. We can't wait to see all the fine artifacts, memorabilia, and exhibits these museums will offer.
There are many, many more museums located across our beautiful state. Visit one today for an life-changing experience and don't forget to check off your Bicentennial Bingo card. Until next time, happy reading!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Camp Kudzu Returns

Welcome back to Camp Kudzu! Last year, we introduced you to our mock summer reading camp and we have even more zany, campy fun in store for you this summer. Summer reading programs are popping up in public libraries across Mississippi, all with the Collaborative Summer Library Program's 2017 slogan, Build a Better World. There are countless ways we can build a better world... What better place to start than at your local library?

Charles and Mac aren't scared by the spooky stories they're reading!
Here at MLC, we couldn't wait to try our hand at building... our very own indoor fort! Pillow forts are easy and fun to create. Each one is completely unique and there are so many different ways to feed your imagination. If you need a little inspiration, we found these great indoor fort ideas just for you.

Great books, great company

There's nothing like reading a great book around the campfire. We chose one of Mississippi Center for the Book's book club in a box kits and read Lewis Nordan's harrowing Wolf Whistle. A full list of kits available for public libraries to check out can be found here.

Be sure to follow the rest of our escapades at the beautiful Camp Kudzu this summer, as we bring you more ways to build a better world. Don't forget to sign up for the Summer Reading program at your local library. We'd love to hear your experiences, so feel free to share how much fun you're having this summer, Until next time, happy reading!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sunflower County Library System Makes Learning Fun

The Sunflower County Library System works with local schools, day care facilities, and Head Start centers to provide the resources necessary to meet the community's informational needs. The county libraries strive to foster an environment in which young citizens can develop strong literacy skills. The library's Program for Enhancing Educational Literacy (PEEL) project, funded by LSTA grant funds, focuses on providing learning opportunities for preschool and school-aged children. The PEEL project provides programs involving parents and their children, such as Family STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Night which encourages parents to take an active role in their children's educational development and encourages them to become lifelong learners.

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